Support SiNi FAQs

What is DeSipher and why do I need it for the FREE plugin ForenSic?
DeSipher is your contact to our SiNi Cloud. The Cloud will let you know when updates are avalible for download and manage all plugins form SiNi Software.
Will your products work on our renderfarm?
Yes. All our Products are designed to render on local and cloud based render farms without additional licences. However the products will need to be installed on each node to read and render and DeSipher licence server installed on network. SiNi Products are free for render farms Please check your local farm has our products installed
How do I retrieve my licence details?
Your licence details can be accessed via your membership account.
Why do I need an internet connection to use SiNi Plugins?
All our products are checked in to our online client server via the DeSipher licence server every time you open a scene containing SiNi products. This ensures your products are using the latest release and membership is up to date.Yes
Can I transfer the licence to another computer?
Yes, simply login to your membership account and change the MacID under user settings.
Can I sell my models saved in ProxSi formate?
Yes. The IP security is there to protect your work from 3rd party altering, manipulation and theft. The buyer would need to install the ProxSi plugin and DeSipher licence server.

Color variation or camera clipping is not working with Proxsi?
You might have made a copy of your plugins and not and instance. Camera clipping or color/texture variation only works with instance objects and not copies.
What is DeSipher and why do I need it for ForenSic?
DeSipher is your contact to our SiNi Cloud. The Cloud will let you know when updates are avalible for download and manage all plugins form SiNi Software.

What are the differences between monthly and annual subscription?
Substantial discounted costs and bonus software. Savings over monthly combined individuals - 35% ALL ACCESS annual membership - 16% ALL ACCESS monthly membership - 16% INDIVIDUAL annual membership
Can I upgrade/downgrade membership subscription?
You can upgrade at anytime from individual products to ALL ACCESS. You cannot downgrade from ALL ACCESS until membership period expires. This applies to monthly and annual plans.
Can I mix individual products with ALL ACCESS membership?
You can add additional seats to your account and mix monthly with annual membership to allow for burst out licensing where you need more seats for a project.
Why do you not sell perpetual licences?
Why do you not sell perpetual licences? We believe we can offer a better service and build better products through maintained membership. Our pricing structure is priced fairly on a low cost to free up cash flow and support easy access to our products.
Do you offer enterprise or educational volume discounts?
We do not offer this at present but may consider this in the near future.
Is software maintenance included?
Yes. We maintain and expand our products continually and with valuable membership feedback, refine our products to meet members most popular requests.
Why would I want to use SiNi products over others?
Our products have been developed over a long period as in­house tools within a busy production studio as a means to save valuable time and money. We recognised these would be excellent products for the community and so we formed SiNi Software as a new business to develop further. We have developed each of our products to work together and with really exciting and ambitious products on our roadmap we aim to become essential to your everyday workflow. Further to our own development roadmap, SiNi Software is working with other vendors lending our 3DS Max coding expertise to resolve connectivity to their fantastic products. This is reciprocal and ultimately benefits you, the end users. We’re a small community who all play nicely together!

Why do I need to register?
Registration will give you access to additional features not available to guest users such as definable avatar images, private messaging, emailing of fellow users, usergroup subscription, etc. It only takes a few moments to register.
I registered but cannot login!
First, check your username and password. If they are correct, then one of two things may have happened. If COPPA support is enabled and you specified being under 13 years old during registration, you will have to follow the instructions you received. Some boards will also require new registrations to be activated, either by yourself or by an administrator before you can logon; this information was present during registration. If you were sent an email, follow the instructions. If you did not receive an email, you may have provided an incorrect email address or the email may have been picked up by a spam filer. If you are sure the email address you provided is correct, try contacting an administrator.
How can I search a forum or forums?
Enter a search term in the search box located on the index, forum or topic pages. Advanced search can be accessed by clicking the “Advance Search” link which is available on all pages on the forum. How to access the search may depend on the style used.
Why does my search return no results?
Your search was probably too vague and included many common terms which are not indexed by phpBB. Be more specific and use the options available within Advanced search.
Why does my search return a blank page!?
Your search returned too many results for the webserver to handle. Use “Advanced search” and be more specific in the terms used and forums that are to be searched.
How can I find my own posts and topics?
Your own posts can be retrieved either by clicking the “Show your posts” link within the User Control Panel or by clicking the “Search user’s posts” link via your own profile page or by clicking the “Quick links” menu at the top of the board. To search for your topics, use the Advanced search page and fill in the various options appropriately.