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Software Update Release v1.03 Friday 10th March 2017
Updates to IgNite
  • Fixed issue with Random Wire colours
  • Fixed Scale / Rotation issue on Measure tool when in Sub-object mode
  • Fixed issue with Straighten Object
  • Added Sub-object mode with Straighten Object (Edge mode only)
  • Fixed moving issue on Replace/Instance Object
  • Fixed export issue with Bulk ProxSi when using external files
  • Select Similar/Exact/Wire colour/Instances/by name objects no longer picks up hidden objects
Updates to Illumi
  • Fixed issue if the data file had no time
  • Now loads all data from file instead of saying missing data file
  • Fixed rotation issue on Illumi Compass
Updates to Scribe
  • Added a spinner to Conform Splines to choose how much to optimise the spline
  • Fixed scale issue on Conform Splines
Updates to Sculpt
  • Fixed issue with Retopo plane
  • Fixed Attach Objects issue with Material IDs
Updates to Jumble
  • Changed all Random Spinners to use decimals
  • Added warning message on Initial state
Updates to ProxSi
  • Change Colour Variation default from 50 to 12
Updates to SiClone
  • Change Colour Variation default from 50 to 12
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