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We know software subscription is seen as an unwanted evil these days. It takes some convincing that it's worth it.

Gone are days, it seems, that you own anything permanently. Software and hardware have gone this way too.

We're proposing a new model that gives you the best of both and keeps us motivated to deliver on our promise.

We’re calling it...

Performance linked subscription membership (PLSM)

  • Members will only pay for software we continue to develop and add value to. Why pay over and over for the same thing if it doesn't advance and get better right?

  • If a product reaches its full potential, members who have invested a minimum of 3 years, (our return on investment), will be able to continue to use that tool, the same as perpetual, and only pay a small maintenance fee to keep it up to date with new host releases. What that will be we don't know yet. Likely equal to a 1-month fee.

  • If SiNi ceases trading, members with a network licence (coming soon) will automatically be switched to suspended upgrade mode (off-line), meaning they can continue to use the tools indefinitely, but they'll never be upgraded. Hopefully, this won't happen!

  • We’re not subscription monsters. We’re a small independent company trying to build tools you want. We need a regular income to support us. We have no investors aside from ourselves. There's no hidden agenda. We believe our low-cost monthly membership model is more similar to Netflix than Autodesk or Adobe. The more members we get the more we can do for you. Membership crowd funding if you like.

  • If you feel we don't deliver our promise, you can cancel at any time, it will hurt us more than you. We’ve designed our membership so you have flexibility. Come and go as you please.

  • You can just sign up for the time you need our tools for. Minimum of 1 month. Why pay for software on your system, if you're not using it all the time. That's why you can pick each of our products monthly.

We plan to release great software on a regular basis and continue to do so until you say stop!

Judge us on the promise above and not what others are doing.  

We have big plans ahead and can't wait to hear your ideas as well.

See for yourself by signing up today.

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