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Hi, sorry if I should not ask questions here, wasn't sure where to put my thoughts on this.

In your demo video of ProxSI, you ProxSi out a Stadium, is this Stadium 1 fully attached Model, seems a lot of Geometry to attach to one object...?

Does ProxSI have to have an assigned Multisub material of say the building model, before you create the Proxy.?

Can you make a button that will help create the Multisub material. please (create Multisub material from Selection)  refer to Rappatools script.

Can ProxSi have separate mesh inside the .SiNi file, or is everything attached to one Object ?

Are their global tools to Change the viewing mode of ALL Proxies on the fly, as soon as you select more than 1 different proxy the viewing modes disappear, could the viewing modes not be made into a Global Tab, that is exposed no matter how many proxies you have selected. (refer to Dave and Goliath ProxyTools script for Vray Proxies)

IS there a button to show and hide all Proxies in the scene?


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