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SiClone 1.04 preset

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I downloaded the

SiClone 1.04 to test it but there is no preset come with this version is there a way to have some of the preset to try them?

Thanks great job by the way,I will keep you guys posted ,I am a big user of rail clone and I really want compare both

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SiNi Wizard SiNi Wizard's avatar Josh


The Preset Library was made so people could create there own asset libraries of SiClone. We don't intend on making our own presets and giving them away with SiClone. However, we will be giving away the Tutorial video Presets (E.G the Tunnel) so people can have a play around with the asset library and SiClone. This will be available on our website soon (hopefully within a week or two).

Thanks, hope you enjoy it and let us know of any issues or improvements so we can keep it updated and more useful.

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Thank you Wizard

for me that will be enough but do you think this is could be one of the big reason where some PPL will use Itoo rail clone!!!

personally I can see that Sini better till now

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Hi,,is there a preset we can try ??

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