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I was using SiClone the other day and ran into a few issues. One may overlap with Nik's comment, but I thought I would address it separately.

1a) When scattering along a line created in an elevation view vs one in the plan view, the scatter objects behave differently. As a result, when rotating the scattered objects, the rotation axis is not always correct. Can you provide an option to choose the axis of rotation, i.e. X, Y or Z?

1b) Also, when following the spline direction, as a default can you use the Z-axis of the scattered object? I think most users would expect that.

2) When assigning the object to be scattered, it gets moved to the SiClone logo. Can you not do that? Can you just create a copy/instance instead? It will be easier to find and edit the original mesh, especially if its been moved around in multiple Siclones. I don't think the copy/instance even needs to be visible.

3) When exporting the SiClone to a mesh, can we have an option to create a mesh copy/instance and retain the original SiClone? That way we can keep a parametric instance that can be edited later.

4) Is it possible to have the option to Undo back to before the objects were assigned? Currently if you just delete the SiClone object, the spline for the scatter is still the renamed version, rather than the original name. Also, the scatter object(s) that are moved are left in the last location rather than the original (this issue would be addressed if item 2 were implemented).

Cheers. Regards, Aaron

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