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Illumi: thoughts and requests

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I have been looking into Illumi last week and have some observations and requests.

In VRay scenes I have some standard objects with materials which have to look right with every lighting.

When using HDRI's I therefore split the effect into (direct) lighting, background, reflection and refraction. The HDRI in the VRay dome light (direct lighting) serves as the base map, while background (environment map), reflection and refraction are output maps with the HDRI instanced. This way I can control each component while only having to change the direct HDRI lighting and the sun light which aftect the textures.

In Illumi I like the controls in the Compass, but it is not possible to get the lighting right for my textures.

So: woul it be possible to have gamma controls in the Compass for both background, lighting, reflection and refraction ?

Re. refraction: when having a certain background gamma, the background seen through glass is often not right...therefore a seperate control for refraction!

Thanks :)

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