IgNite All plugins below are part of SiNi IgNite

SiNi IgNite Springboard

The IgNite Springboard is our flagship product, developed to become essential to every 3ds Max artists experience. The UI is packed with more than 130 tools and plugins, to speed up time consuming tasks or simplify access to common tools and your favourite Maxscripts.

We are constantly adding new features and are developing IgNite to become essential to every 3ds Max artist, from architectural visualisation, 3d environments, cinematics, animation, visual effects and VR.

  • Supports 3ds Max 2014-2017.
  • Basic tools rollout informs you on scene setting and viewport controls.
  • Copy/Paste objects, modifiers, materials and shaders from object to object or scene to scene.
  • Create up to 4k animation playblasts or stills previews.
  • Rename, search and selects tools.
  • Objects Tools rollout is packed will animation tools, Glue to surface, Live measurement tools and much more.

SiNi IgNite Illumi

One click HDRI setup. The plugin has been developed to allow artists an intuitive simple interface to review HDRI content and automatically set up lighting based on which renderer you have setup in 3ds Max.

This process analyses the HDRI file and aligns the 3d lighting to perfectly match.

To assist artists, the loaded HDRI file is linked to a compass helper in the scene.

The plugin has been developed to support your existing collections of HDRI’s as well as loading custom one off files for bespoke situations.

SiNi Software has partnered with HDRI-Skies as exclusive professional high-end content provider. A selection of 15k HDRI’s are included with Illumi. Further collections are being developed for sale.

  • Supports 3ds Max 2014-2017.
  • Supports renderers; V-Ray, Corona, Mental Ray, FStorm, Moskito. (In dev. Arnold, Redshift, Iray, finalRender).
  • Review HDRI thumbnails.
  • One click HDRI rigging tool with exposure control.
  • Manage and install your own HDRI library.
  • Includes a collection of twelve 15k HDRI files produced by HDRI Skies.

SiNi IgNite Scribe

Scribe is a complete shape and spline manipulation toolset.

Use Scribe to clean up imported CAD drawings and fix complex issues that traditionally could take you days to resolve.

  • Supports 3ds Max 2014-2017.
  • Spline diagnostics will help you find and repair reversed splines, open/broken splines, overlapping segments, and cad blocks.
  • Conform splines to any surface.
  • Live optimise, subdivide, curve to corner, and outline tools.
  • A complete bulk detach and attach spines or shapes with loads of options.

SiNi IgNite Sculpt

Sculpt, is a polygon and mesh manipulation toolset.

Use Sculpt to fix geometry and imported 3d models from SketchUp, Revit and Rhino. It is the best tool available for 3ds Max at cleaning up issues common to importing files.

  • Supports 3ds Max 2014-2017.
  • Retopologize terrain with and visual guide before you commit.
  • Find and remove double faces and isolated verts.
  • A bulk detach and attach with multiple options.
  • Unify polygon and mesh normals.
  • Manipulate material IDs and smoothing groups of multiple objects.

SiNi IgNite Forensic

Forensic is our scene checker and repair tool.

You use Forensic every time you open a new scene to inspect the scenes integrity and quickly fix problems that may cause you a big headache working on the file.

Working with a bad scene file can cause multiple workflow problems.

Some typical issues may be; Empty objects can crash or prolong simulation time. Cad blocks and linked composites clog up your scene file. 3rd party mismatches such as Vray planes not rendering with finalRender and Corona lights.

Forensic also allows you to find the last user to work on the scene file!

  • Support for 3ds Max 2014-2017.
  • Removes CAD and Revit blocks.
  • Fast interrogation of scene.
  • Clean up and fix issues with one click.
  • IgNite version removes banner advertising (Free version).

SiNi IgNite Jumble
SiNi IgNite Jumble

Jumble comprises two tools in one user interface.

First is a percentage % selection tool that can filter from random, small or large selections.

Second is a complete live random transformation tool that includes the ability to remember or reset its origin, by storing information in the scene and accessing this if you return to the scene at a later date.

Randomly changing objects has never been easier.

  • Support for 3ds Max 2014-2017.
  • Ramdom Object Selection
  • Filter Selection By Size
  • Random Transform
  • Saves Transform Selection

SiNi IgNite Ami
SiNi IgNite Ami

*IN DEVELOPMENT* Ami (Asset Management Interface), is our 3D librarian. She’s going to be super efficient and organised filing all your assets correctly and keeping your asset libraries accessible.

Ami has two main functions; Ami Export, used to save, categorize and file 3d assets to your library including associated materials and maps.

By selecting an asset within your scene, the software automatically hides everything, sets up a studio scene surrounding the asset, sets the renderer and lighting.

You then choose the thumbnail view and add metadata info, including preferred layer, such as furniture.

The asset is filed to your library, adding metadata to your database, and the scene is reset to normal.

Ami Import, choose a category, select a thumbnail and import the 3d asset. Select to import as edit mesh or ProxSi proxy. The 3d asset will automatically be placed on correct layer using our auto-layer tool.

SiNi IgNite Unite
SiNi IgNite Unite

*IN DEVELOPMENT* Checks the scene for missing meshes, textures, scripts, xrefs, plugins, simulations, proxies and allows you a fast mechanism to relink and repath the scene.

  • Support for 3ds Max 2014-2017.
  • Checks the scene for missing meshes, textures, scripts, xrefs, plugins, simulations, proxies.
  • Allows you a fast mechanism to relink and repath the scene.