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SiNi Pricing


Our aim is to offer all our software monthly (coming soon), and a discounted yearly subscription. Why? We believe our products are a real benefit to 3d artists, and by offering software as an affordable service, with many more tools in development, we know we’ll save you both time and money.


Fun fact. A lifetime membership to SiNi works out the same as employing an equally experienced freelance software engineer for one month! Imagine what we can do together as an extension of your team!


Do you wish to try before you buy? Please contact us directly at or get in touch with our resellers to activate licenses. Please note, register/login online and install the FREE Forensic first!

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Please note, the quoted prices above exclude sales tax. Reseller costs should not differ from these prices. The fixed prices may change, at our discretion, due to adjustments to international exchange rates. Special offers and promotional sales discounts may be applied to above costs, subject to periodic global and regional marketing campaigns and events.