Siclone 3ds max plugin

SiClone features the ability to array multiple objects with different parameters and individual control. Furthermore it offers full parametric workflow and is enabled for leading 3rd party renderers including V-Ray, Arnold, Corona and Maxwell. SiClone works seamlessly with ProxSi and other 3rd party proxy and mesh assets.

SiClone has been designed for simplicity and ease of use.


Supports the following 3rd Party Renderers

  • V-Ray, Corona, Mental Ray, Iray, Scanline, and Final Render (Current)
  • Arnold, Redshift, Maxwell (In development)

Other features

  • Full procedural workflow
  • Fast mesh building on render time
  • Ordered or random Path follow
  • Colour and texture variation
  • Camera clipping
  • No licence needed for render farms

SiClone Videos Plugin Features

SiClone Products Overview
SiClone Products Overview
SiClone Plugin Full Description
SiClone Plugin Full Description